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Reading BOB Fidget Keychain

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  • Reading BOB Fidget Keychain
  • Reading BOB Fidget Keychain
  • Reading BOB Fidget Keychain

Reading BOB

✿ Outemu Clicky Switch
✿ Hot swappable
✿ Fits MX switches or + sign switches
✿ Switch and keycap is customisable
✿ All keyring orders are shipped with a tracking number to ensure traceability
✿ Please check shipping prices upon checkout.

Terms and Conditions.
✿ Following successful payment to Miliokeys, there will be NO refunds or returns of keycaps.
✿ If a keycap arrives broken, please reach out and contact @miliokeys Instagram page for further assistance.
✿ There will be a tracking number sent to my email once the keys are shipped. Miliokeys is not liable for any package if it gets lost in transit OR Stolen OR any delays in the package OR custom duties OR taxes implied on the package. This is out of the vendors control.
✿ Miliokeys will NOT send replacements if you damage or break the keycap.
✿ Miliokey's keycaps are hand-made and will NOT be identical replications of each other. Keycaps may contain very minor blemishes and imperfections such as fine dust particles, fingerprints and bubbles. Such imperfections will not affect the functionality of the keycap.

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